SA032: SeeYouSpaceCowboy... - Fashion Statements of the Socially Aware

100// Rubine Red w/ white marble 7"
200// Black 7"

SA031: Black Nail - A Meeting Of Bliss And Trauma

25// white tapes w/ labels

SA030: Vein / .Gif From God Split 7"

500// black 7"

SA029: René Descartes - S/T

25// deep purple tint tapes
25// Butterscotch tapes

co-release w/ Zegema Beach Records

SA028: Tellus Effluentia - Physical, Emotional, Temporal

25// white tapes w/ black labels

SA027: Sans Visage - Demos collected

25// light blue tapes

SA026: SeeYouSpaceCowboy... - Demo

25// magenta Cassette tapes
15// clear w/ black liner tapes in envelopes (Kali tour exclusive)

???// European CDR release by React With Protest

SA025: Pettersson - Rift and Seam

300 - Transparent 12"
200 - Black 12"

SA024: Tweak - I Am Overcome With Hate

25// White Cassette Tapes

SA023: Black Nail - S/T

25// Buttersctoch tapes

SA022: Careless - Discography 2012 - 2016

50// clear tapes

SA021: Yotsuya Kaidan / Det är därför vi bygger städer split 7"

300// White vinyl w/ black screen printing

SA020: det är därför vi bygger städer/careless/sans visage spilt 12"

300// Black Vinyl w/ white screen printing

SA019: Amygdala - Population Control

500 Black 12"

SA018: René Descartes - Demo

25// clear tapes w/ black liners, coffee stained and hand stamped envelopes

SA017: No More Dysphoria Comp

-more info coming soon-

SA016: Yuri (百合) - Demo I

25// clear tapes w/ black tiner

SA015: thisismenotthinkingofyou - The Limbic System



100// Orange
50// Clear
50// whiskey
50// Gold

SA014: Flowers Taped To Pens - Endgame

50 - light gray tapes w/ black imprinting

SA013: eaglehaslanded - s/t 7"

co-release w/ Dingleberry records and distribution, Korobushka records, Friendly Otter, Prejudice Me Records and Distro, Ozona Records, I.CORRUPT.RECORDS, Summercide Records, Gato Encerrado Records, krimskramz

300// orange

SA012: Door To Nothingness - Recollection 2013-2015

25// smokey tint tapes

SA011: Foxtails - This Is Not For You

25// light pink tapes

SA010: Flowers Taped To Pens - Dadfad Demo lathe

15// 10" picture disc lathe
25// 7" clear lathe

SA009: Cassus - This Is Dead Art; This Is Dead Time; But We May Still Live Yet

co-release with: React With Protest, Samegrey Records, Framecode Records, and Don't Care Records

500// Black 12"

SA008: Fist Benders - S/T

co-release w/ Santapogue Media and Bad Break Records


200// baby pink
100// black

SA006: Meryl Streaker - Discography

co-release with Coffee Shop Records

50// black tapes w/ white imprinting

SA005: Thisismenotthinkingofyou - Restlessness

50// royal blue tapes

SA004: Flowers Taped To Pens - Friends 4ever

25// dark blue tapes w/white imprinting

SA003: Jr. Adelberg - S/T

25// purple tint tapes
25// blue tint tapes

SA002: Cry, The Monarch - If I Give Up

50// blue gray tint tapes